Nordic climate, topography and modest emissions from industry, promote pure nature. Here – from the Nordic forests – we find our inspiration and collect our raw material with respect.

Faun reflects the Nordic nature and history when trees are selected and processed; Aspen and birch mirror the snow and the Nordic light, oak mirrors weight and history, pine duration and tradition. Spruce has through history had great significance for both the climate, the people and the animals, but the spruce has also inspired legends, fairy tales and myths. Faun will bring the spruce back as a high-quality product, also for interior use. Nordic wood may be used for everything from exterior surfaces, construction and insulation, to innovative interior designs and furnishings. Pure solid wood stabilizes the indoor climate by taking up and emitting humidity, and produces no toxic fumes. Selected wood for exterior use may be left untreated for generations, and is a superior environmental winner.

We will promote increased use of Nordic wood through knowledge, innovative solutions and beautiful design.