The God of forest and love; Faun, coincides with the forest, the mountains and the winds. Humble, strong and wise.

Faun is a proud bearer of tradition and knowledge of pure wood as a building material. Our passion is the freedom to explore and develop new solutions for the use of wood, always starting with the raw materials’ characteristics, quality and appearance. Closeness to raw material suppliers is a key value that ensures interaction and balance. Closeness to production secures these three aspects: precision, visual quality and technical quality. All Faun products consist exclusively of solid wood to ensure the natural beauty of the raw material, and to utilize the natural features. Wood from Faun will age gracefully and reflect the Nordic nature’s light, purity and uniqueness.

The sensation of the genuine and the pure, the experience of the sensual and vibrant, being in balance.

 Based on founder Arnt Einar Bardal’s philosophy, production is set up with a comprehensive perspective where all raw materials and products will make a difference for the environment, the health and the esthetic. Bardal has lived for wood, and made a living from wood almost his entire life. Links between knowledge and experience from forestry, carpentry, sawmills and wood processing, have provided a unique expertise around the manufacturing and use of wood.